Your Weekly Challenge

If you wish to create conscious change in your life it can easily begin with this free mini course created for you.

In this simply laid out mini course, Leslie Paramore invites you to engage in a week long discovery to create positive energetic shifts within your life. Every week you will be presented with an opportunity to move into action and to become more aware of old patterns that can easily be changed to create a positive outcomes. Once you get started, the momentum will build, and you will be left with tools to keep you going in the right direction through your direct intentions.

How You Can Benefit You

"Even Small Steps Are Hugely Significant"

  • Experience the power of momentum when you commit to yourself

  • Discover how you can easily take charge of your life through simple action

  • Learn to tune into some of your gifts and how to magnify them

  • Create the abundance that you deserve through the power of your heart

  • Learn how self sabotage can interfere with creating what you want in life

  • Learn how to connect with yourself and others in more authentic ways

  • Tune into what may distract you from connecting with your authentic self

  • Move through what appears as opposition and shift it into opportunity.

  • Activate the power of gratitude in your life to create more of what you want


Three Simple Steps To Move You Forward

It is the simple day to day steps that we take in life that create powerful results!

  • Step One - Commitment

    As you commit to watching just one video a week and putting it into action each day, you will experience positive shifts within your experiences. Each video will cover a concept for you to explore. Imagine the possibilities when you commit to yourself.

  • Step Two - Engagement

    As you engage and follow through with each weekly creation challenge, it will change you. You will connect with your own personal creative power manifesting liberating experiences. You will transition from the role of surviving to thriving.

  • Step Three - Motivation

    As you see the results by following through with each weekly opportunity, you will begin creating your own opportunities for conscious awareness and change. Shift your perceptions when you set your mind free, while engaging life with your heart.

Feeling Stuck In Life?

It's time to move forward

"A dream simply remains a dream, unobtainable and unreachable if you do not claim it as your own. In order to claim it, you must first live as if you already have it, deliberately breathing life into it, manifesting it into existence. You must occupy the space of your dream, orchestrating matter and events, to witness the dream transforming and transitioning into pure reality. With this realization comes the evolution of your unlimited soul, playing the role of the dream-maker that you are.”

The Moment of Now

Move Forward With Ease

Many individuals think that the life that they want is either unreachable or somewhere off in the distance. The truth is, the moment of now is the most powerful place that you can be in. As you claim the energy of right now and move into this course, you will magnify your life.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    21 Weeks Of Conscious Living

    • Welcome To 21 Weeks For Change

    • Navigating Your Way Through This Course

    • Week 1 Creation Opportunity - Ordering From The Universal Menu

    • Template For The Universal Menu

    • Assignment 1 - Ordering From The Universal Menu

    • Week 2 Creation Opportunity - A Mess Of Perceptions

    • Assignment 2 - A Mess of Perceptions

    • Week 3 Creation Opportunity - The Love Bug

    • Assignment 3 - The Love Bug

    • Week 4 Creation Opportunity - Reflection Perfection

    • Assignment 4 - Reflection Perfection

    • Week 5 Creation Opportunity - You've Got The Power

    • Assignment 5 - You've Got The Power

    • Week 6 Creation Opportunity - The Attitude Of Gratitude

    • Assignment 6 - The Attitude of Gratitude

    • Week 7 Creation Opportunity - Irresistible Images

    • Assignment 7 - Irresistible Images

    • Week 8 Creation Opportunity - Your Authentic Self

    • Assignment 8 - Your Authentic Self

    • Week 9 Creation Opportunity - The Masks We Wear

    • Assignment 9 - The Masks We Wear

    • Week 10 Creation Opportunity - A Journey On Your Life's Timeline

    • Lesson 10 - A Journey On Your Time Line

    • Week 11 Creation Opportunity - The Gravity Of Life

    • Assignment 11 - The Gravity of Life

    • Week 12 Creation Opportunity - Kick In Kindness

    • Assignment 12 - Kick In Kindness

    • Week 13 Creation Opportunity - Those Dirty Distractions

    • Assignment 13 - Those Dirty Distractions

    • Week 14 Creation Opportunity - Connection Affection

    • Assignment 14 - Connection Affection

    • Week 15 Creation Opportunity - Your Night Light

    • Assignment 16 - Your Night Light

    • Week 16 Creation Opportunity - Our Mindless Wordy Words

    • Assignment 16 - Our Mindless Wordy Words

    • Week 17 Creation Opportunity - The Boomerang Affect

    • Assignment 17 - The Boomerang Affect

    • Week 18 Creation Opportunity - Awesome Abundance

    • Assignment 18 - Awesome Abundance

    • Week 19 Creation Opportunity - Optical Illusions

    • Assignment 19 - Optical Illusions

    • Week 20 Creation Opportunity - The Avoidance Factor

    • Assignment 20 - The Avoidance Factor

    • Week 21 Creation Opportunity - Your Gracious Gifts

    • Assignment 21 - Your Gracious Gifts

Your Call To Action

Daily Integration Begins Your Inspiration

As you begin to move forward with these simple weekly goals, you will begin to be inspired in your life. You will find yourself having insights that you may not have ever considered integrating into your life. Integration is what creates inspiration. When you move forward integrating the simple tools offered here, you will be inspired to move into new ways of believing what's possible for you.

Your Course Instructor

Leslie Paramore

Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher

Leslie Paramore

Leslie Paramore operates a private practice, supporting individuals on their path towards holistic health and wellness. She is a Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, Life Purpose Coach, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and meditation recording artist. Leslie is also known for channeling intuitive messages from the spiritual realms for her clients. She works with angelic symbols in her healing work and love supporting others in seeing and knowing their light. Leslie enjoys intuitively channeling messages for individuals to help direct them in their lives and is passionate about empowering the planet one heart at a time. For children, Leslie is also an international children's author and presenter known as, Princess StarSeed.