Heart Centered Meditations

Your Way To Inner Peace

In a world so cluttered with chaos and stress, everyone deserves some relaxation. This is why we are so pleased to offer our guided meditations for free for your mind, body and spirit.

Meditation Benefits

Our guided meditations invite you into a relaxation process where you focus your mind and heart on the words and music offered for the healing of your mind, body, and spirit. You do not have to have any prior experience with meditation. Finding a comfortable place, free of distractions, where you can simply be in a space of receiving is advised for the best results.

  • Our Guided Meditations Reduce Stress Levels

  • Our Guided Meditations Increase Emotional Awareness

  • Our Guided Meditations Reduce Anxiety

  • Our Guided Meditations Strengthen the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

  • Our Guided Meditations Conscious Awareness

  • Our Guided Meditations Can Help Reduce Pain

  • Our Guided Meditations Support Emotional Freedom

  • Our Guided Meditations Offer Deeper Healing

Meditation Reviews

What Our Participants Are Saying

5 star rating

Light within Shining Bright

Margery Stone

From the beginning of this Meditation I felt a complete Calmness & Stillness that filled every part of my body & then my mind relaxed as I experience...

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From the beginning of this Meditation I felt a complete Calmness & Stillness that filled every part of my body & then my mind relaxed as I experienced Love ❤️ Radiating from within! These Heart Centered Reiki - Healing Meditations are so Powerful! I want to do them daily because I feel such Peace in such a short time (from 3D to 5D)!

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Countless hours are spent creating guided meditations to support your over all health and well being.

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Your Daily Meditations Menu

  • 1


    • Morning Bliss - Affirm Your Day

    • 8 Minutes To Calm

    • A Breathe Meditation

    • A Candle Light Meditation

  • 2


    • Releasing The Pain Body

    • Healing Your Inner Child

    • Chakra Balancing

    • Peaceful Essence

    • Your Abundant Life

    • A Path To Forgiveness

    • Ho'oponopono -Deep Soul Healing

    • The Hourglass Meditation

  • 3


    • Your Souls Purpose - Meet Your 7 Spiritual Guides.

    • Angelic Symbols Meditation

    • Communing With Angels - Archangel Ariel

    • Communing With Angels - Archangel Raphael

    • Communing With Angels - Archangel Michael

    • Communing With Angels - Archangel Gabriel

    • Communing With Angels - Archangel Metatron

Meditation Channeler & Voice

Leslie Paramore Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher

Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher

Leslie Paramore

Leslie Paramore operates a private practice, supporting individuals on their path towards holistic health and wellness. She is a Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, Life Purpose Coach, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and meditation recording artist. Leslie is also known for channeling intuitive messages from the spiritual realms for her clients. She works with angelic symbols in her healing work and love supporting others in seeing and knowing their light. Leslie enjoys intuitively channeling messages for individuals to help direct them in their lives and is passionate about empowering the planet one heart at a time. For children, Leslie is also an international children's author and presenter known as, Princess StarSeed.