We Are Evolving In Our Healing

Mind. Body. Spirit.

As humanity moves toward deeper conscious awareness, our understanding of how the body heals, is now expanding exponentially. Modern medicine has greatly evolved by coupling itself with the benefits of energy healing. As a result, our understanding of the mind, body, spirit, connection is creating deeper healing on multiple levels.

The Power of Symbols

Keys To Unlock Our Healing Power Within

The power of symbols are all around us. Something as simple as a symbol can communicate deep healing messages to the mind, body and spirit. Many Reiki Practitioners have seen first hand the power of the Reiki symbols, and so it is as well with the 54 Angelic Symbols for healing. These high frequency keys awaken energy fields within the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body, supporting the essential connections for complete healing.

Ignite Your Healing Gifts

Expand your ability to channel deeper healing, creating a lasting change in the way of increased energy, greater balance, and vital health for yourself and your clients.

  • Learn to expand the energy of Reiki through Angelic Symbols.

  • Learn to expand your intuitive abilities for greater awareness.

  • Learn to access universal consciousness for deeper healing.

  • Learn to how to awaken your spiritual gifts for your life's purpose.

  • Learn to connect and communicate with angelic realms.

  • Learn to work with the frequencies of Angelic Symbols for personal use.

  • Learn to work with the frequencies of Angelic Symbols for client use.

  • Become certified as an Energy Practitioner Of Angelic Symbols

Miraculous Transformations!

Testimonial by Lisa S.

"Without a doubt, the most powerful and deeply effective healing modality I have ever taken! I found this course added so much to it all, lighting up all of the pathways of my healing abilities. I have been trained in multiple modalities over the last 11 years and I’m so grateful (as are clients) to this beautiful healing process. I’ve seen miraculous transformations within myself and clients. This healing modality will change your life in so many ways! It offers powerful personal transition and growth, with the pillars of gentleness, ease, and grace. Leslie provides all of the tools, detailed training, and a loving, fun approach to her teaching. The 54 Sacred Symbols are physical manifestations of Divine Energy and Guidance and the key to unlocking all the potential within and allowing it to flow outward into the world. I would absolutely recommend this training to both the beginner and experienced in any form of healing or people working with energy and spirituality. I feel incredibly blessed by this offering and look forward to all of ways I will be growing and expressing light, love and healing.

Course Bonus Material

Supporting Practitioners With Additional Tools For Healing

  • Certification In Symbol Mastery

    In this Advanced Life Mastery Healing Course, students will receive personal certification. They will be awarded a certificate of accomplishment for, "Heart Centered Reiki - Angelic Symbols For Healing - Practitioner of Symbol Mastery. "

  • Booklet of Symbol Templates

    As an additional bonus, students also receive a downloadable, 38 page instructional booklet with printable cards, (front & back templates) along with instructions for lamination and healing use.

  • Your Personal Attunement

    Included with this course is also an attunement video where the student will be attuned to all 54 Angelic Symbols for personal and client use. The attunement opens that pathway you channel energy from the highest of Angelic Realms.

Are You A Reiki Practitioner?

Expand Your Healing Gifts With Angelic Symbols

Many energy healers worldwide are witnessing powerful results with their clients, by the use of our online course, "The 54 Angelic Symbols for Healing ” These sacred symbols open energy fields within the body communicating healing frequencies, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Expand your ability to channel deeper healing. Creating a lasting change in the way of increased energy, greater balance, and vital health for yourself and your clients.

Amazing! Profound! Powerful!

Jason B.

I can attest that this course is totally amazing... I have suffered great stress in my life with the loss of loved ones and also fell very ill with collapsing legs, total body agony, swollen legs, joints, Raynaud’s, high blood pressure, confusion and so many other challenges that would take a book to fill. Initially, I had this course for months not started. The 1st Angelic Symbol, The Awakening Key supported total clarity for me and opened up new awareness’s. I am continuing to learn more as I move through this course. Thank you massively for just the first symbol of this course. The rest are obviously going be powerful, so this is likely to take me a while. Leslie Paramore has a beautiful, wonderful fun about her. Very playful and a kind heart. You couldn't buy a book of the caliber of this course for this price. Here you get a manual that encourages you step by step into developing an art and videos that explain the process, and a real person who will communicate with you. Amazing, profound, powerful! It did what it said it would do for me. Thank you. 714 out of 10!! 12 stars .


What Our Students Are Saying . . .

  • This Course Is Heal Myself On A Much Deeper Level.

    "Thank you very much for this amazing Course! It is very interesting. The wisdom provided in the course is going to heal myself in a much deeper level. I would like to thank my instructor Leslie Paramore for sharing this knowledge and teaching us in such simple and beautiful way!" ~ Kaustav D.

  • This Course Deserves 10 Stars!

    "This is my third course with Leslie and perhaps my favorite so far! As always, all the Leslie courses are amazing and beautiful. This course deserves 10 stars! These symbols are so powerful and can bring you to extraordinary levels of spirituality or high conscience. Thank You Leslie! Namaste!" ~ Hector M.

  • This Is My Next Step To Healing Myself

    "I was led by my spirit guides to take this course. I’m a Reiki Master and I feel as though this is my next step to healing myself and moving forward. I love Leslie's energy, sincerity, and calmness. I cried when she talk about how the symbols where brought about. I love that she listens to her intuition. I can’t wait to see what else this course has in store for me. Thank you! ~ Ameenah E.

  • I Feel A Tremendous Positive Shift Occurring Within Me

    "I am just amazed at the information in this course, because it is affecting me on so many levels in a positive way. I immediately upon hearing the name of the course and the word "angelic symbols" became interested in taking it. I am slowly taking the information in, and have even had a massive download coming up with my own symbols for 9 archangels. So, this information is very powerful if you allow it to enter, and I have been initiating myself with each symbol as I go. Thank you so much for this very deep and penetrating information. I feel as if a tremendous, positive shift is occurring within me, reconnecting me to my Divine self. I will certainly be able to incorporate it into my New Earth businesses, and share it with my clients." ~Melissa R.

Your Personal Certification

After completion of this course simply email [email protected] to be awarded your personal certificate.

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Course curriculum

  • 2


    • The 54 Angelic Symbols - A Meditation

  • 3


    • The Awakening Key - The 1st Angelic Symbol

    • The Soul's Path Key - The 2nd Sacred Symbol

    • The Great Divide Key - The 3rd Sacred Symbol

    • The Heaven's Gate Key - The 4th Sacred Symbol

    • Printing The Symbols 1Through 4

    • The Expanding Universe Key - The 5th Sacred Symbol

    • Assignment 1 -Tuning Into Your Intuition

    • The Absolute Key - The 6th Sacred Symbol

    • The Expansion Of Light Key - The 7th Sacred Symbol

    • The Rest Key - The 8th Sacred Symbol

    • The Depth Key - The 9th Sacred Symbol

    • Printing The Symbols 5 Through 9

    • The Magnifying Key - The 10th Sacred Symbol

    • Assignment 2 - Tuning Into Channeling

    • The Dimensions Key - The 11th Sacred Symbol

    • The Portal Key - The 12th Sacred Symbol

    • The Hemisphere's Key - The 13th Sacred Symbol

    • Printing the Symbols 9 Through 12

    • The Ascending Angel Key - The 14th Sacred Symbol

    • Assignment 3 -Tuning Into Divine Intervention

    • The Reconnection Key - The 15th Sacred Symbol

    • The Intervention Key - The 16th Sacred Symbol

    • The DNA Activation Key - The 17th Sacred Symbol

    • Printing The Symbols 13 Through 16

    • The Root Key - The 18th Sacred Symbol

    • The Solar Heart Key - The 19th Sacred Symbol

    • Assignment 4 - Tuning Into A Sacred Rite

    • The Inner Peace Key - The 20th Sacred Symbol

    • The Restoration Key - The 21st Sacred Symbol

    • Printing The Symbols 17 Through 20

    • The Clearing Angel Key - The 22nd Sacred Symbol

    • The Serpent Key - The 23rd Sacred Symbol

    • The Balancing Key - The 24th Sacred Symbol

    • Assignment 5- Tuning Into Your Future Self

    • The Christ Consciousness Key - The 25th Sacred Symbol

    • Printing The Symbols 21 Through 24

    • The Creation Key - The 26th Sacred Symbol

    • The Ancient Key - The 27th Sacred Symbol

    • The Emergent Key - The 28th Sacred Symbol

    • The Incubation Key - The 29th Sacred Symbol

    • Printing The Symbols 25 Through 28

    • Assignment 6 - Tuning Into The Angelic Realm

    • The Nurturing Angel Key - The 30th Sacred Symbol

    • The 3rd Eye Key - The 31st Sacred Symbol

    • The Equation Key - The 32nd Sacred Symbol

    • The Soul's Origin Key - The 33rd Sacred Symbol

    • Printing The Symbols 29 Through 32

    • The Refection Key - The 34th Sacred Symbol

    • Assignment 7 - Tuning Into Your Soul's Origin

    • The Tuning Key - The 35th Sacred Symbol

    • The Grafting Key - The 36th Sacred Symbol

    • The Relationship Key - The 37th Sacred Symbol

    • Printing The Symbols 33 Through 36

    • The Ascension Key - The 38th Sacred Symbol

    • The Masculine Key - The 39th Sacred Symbol

    • Assignment 8 - Tuning Into A Session

    • The Feminine Key - The 40th Sacred Symbol

    • Printing The Symbols 37 Through 40

    • The Bridge To Clarity Key - The 41st Sacred Symbol

    • The Energy Key - The 42nd Sacred Symbol

    • The Rebirth Key - The 43rd Sacred Symbol

    • The Connection Key - The 44th Sacred Symbol

    • Assignment 9 - Tuning Into Your Heart

    • Printing The Symbols 41 Through 44

    • The Karmic Key - The 45th Sacred Symbol

    • A Client Testimonial

    • The Sealing Key - The 46th Sacred Symbol

    • The Conception Key - The 47th Sacred Symbol

    • The Positive Charge Key - The 48th Sacred Symbol

    • Printing The Symbols 45 Through 48

    • The Clarity Of Thought Key - The 49th Sacred Symbol

    • The Veil Key - The 50th Sacred Symbol

    • Assignment 10 - Tuning Your Relationship With The Symbols

    • The Ancestral Key - The 51st Sacred Symbol

    • The Negative Charge Key - The 52nd Sacred Symbol

    • Printing The Symbols 49 Through 52

    • The Freedom Key - The 53rd Sacred Symbol

    • The Cord Key - The 54th Sacred Symbol

    • Printing The Symbols 53 Through 54

    • Assignment 11 - Tuning Into Your Senses

    • Your Personal Attunement

    • A Personal Message Of Congratulations

    • Angelic Symbols Booklet - Your Personal Templates


Your Course Instructor

Leslie Paramore Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher

Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher

Leslie Paramore

Leslie Paramore operates a private practice, supporting individuals on their path towards holistic health and wellness. She is a Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, Life Purpose Coach, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and meditation recording artist. Leslie is also known for channeling intuitive messages from the spiritual realms for her clients. She works with angelic symbols in her healing work and love supporting others in seeing and knowing their light. Leslie enjoys intuitively channeling messages for individuals to help direct them in their lives and is passionate about empowering the planet one heart at a time. For children, Leslie is also an international children's author and presenter known as, Princess StarSeed.